Certifications and Compliance

Discover how Aircover maintains industry-leading certifications and compliance standards. With a security-first mindset, we meticulously design every aspect of our platform to safeguard your data.


Aircover is SOC2 certified, ensuring your data's security and privacy with rigorous audits. Trust and data protection are our priorities.


Aircover complies with GDPR, safeguarding your privacy with utmost care and transparency in handling personal information.


We encrypt all data, authentication, and tokens to ensure secure transmission and storage.


Access the Aircover platform securely with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.


Explore Aircover.ai's privacy policy for comprehensive information.


Our technology operates without reliance on call recording, enabling seamless usage in regions with strict call recording regulations.

All data remains private, individually segmented by customer, and never shared outside your organization.

Approved by AIĀ Committees of Global Enterprises

Trusted AI Partner

Aircover's AI sales assistant, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), has earned approval from AI committees in leading Fortune 500 companies. Notably, our commitment to data privacy stands strong. With a security-first mindset, Aircover ensures that your data remains confidential and secure while delivering exceptional performance in live conversations, empowering revenue teams to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are my transcripts and data?

Aircover's real-time sales coaching and enablement software treats security as a first-class citizen, and we ensure you retain control over your data.

The Aircover solution is engineered to provide you the security and compliance you expect. We have our SOC2 certification and are committed to ensuring ongoing compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

How does Aircover ensure notice of transcription to customers?

Aircover has worked with leading privacy attorneys to adhere to local regulations concerning transcription. Despite abstaining from audio and video recording, we recognize the significance of providing notice, especially considering our customers in highly regulated sectors. Therefore, we offer multiple configurable notice options tailored to each account's specific needs, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Where does the content come from for an Aircover card?

In a few easy steps, you can activate your existing sales enablement content and proactively get it in front of your sales and customer success teams, at just the right time.

Aircover uses the latest in machine learning to get your content into the right format so your reps can leverage it during their next meeting.

No content? No problem -- we have built partnerships with leading sales consulting companies and thought-leaders in the sales community to auto-generate sales best practices across your revenue team.

Does Aircover offer a trial?

Yes. Please contact us at hello@aircover.ai for more information on our trials.