Real-time Sales Coaching Software

Based on live conversation, surface relevant content from your sales playbook to help reps handle objections, reference customer wins, and overcome competitors.

How Aircover Works

Step 1

Download the Aircover App

Join your Zoom meetings with the Aircover app, and your customers can continue to use the normal Zoom app. No need for your prospects to download anything.

Step 2

Schedule a Zoom meeting

No need to change your workflow, Aircover can plug into your existing calendar system.

Step 3

Get real-time sales coaching and enablement

Empower your selling team and win more deals with Aircover. Uncover new opportunities, address objections more effectively and understand who the decision makers are on your sales calls. Get new reps producing against their quota much more quickly, and help existing reps stay up-to-date with real-time coaching and enablement.

All data is kept private, segmented by customer, and never shared outside your organization.

Where does Aircover fit in your stack?

We enable reps during the most critical but underserved part of your sales funnel, when they are live with a prospect in a meeting.

Virtualize your sales playbook and enforce your sales process
Just-in-time enablement drives engagement to the content your reps need when and where they need it most
Have more contextually relevant conversations with buyers, leading to higher conversions and better deal velocity.