Aircover for Customer Success

Deliver Customer Retention and Growth at Scale

Increase your renewal rate and drive the expansion revenue needed during the macroeconomic uncertainty ahead with your customer success playbook built into every meeting.

Create a unified customer journey

From before handoff, Sales and Customer Success should be in lock-step to create a consistent customer experience.

Embed your Customer Success playbook directly into the meeting experience for your Customer Success team
Arm your Customer Success Managers in-real-time with familiar messaging that is already being used by Sales

Proactive guidance in every meeting

Aircover listens to what is being discussed in your call and in-real-time surfaces relevant customer success plays from your playbook

Provide support and guidance to your CS team in every customer meeting
Leverage the tribal knowledge from your tenured CSMs with the Aircover platform to ramp up new people on your team
Turn all of your reps into subject matter experts with real-time insights during their customer calls

Aircover is your central command center

Dive into the data and gain signals on how to coach your team to a renewal or expansion.

Take a holistic view of your team's accounts pulled from your Customer Success platform
Use various meeting and deal signals to more reliably interpret renewal, expansion, and churn risks
Identify trends in the data from your top reps that can be repeated across your broader team
"What we found is people need in-real-time coaching, especially Customer Success people that need to sell. Aircover's innovative technology will be a valuable tool for GTM teams to deploy our unified CS-Operating Model across Sales and Customer Success."

Jacco van der Kooij
Co-Founder, Winning by Design