Activate Winning by Design Blueprints in Every Customer Meeting

Bridge the sales execution gap between classroom training and customer conversations by delivering in-real-time enablement powered by AI.

Create a unified voice along the customer journey by integrating the Winning by Design framework into every customer meeting, powered by Aircover.


The impact your GTM team creates drives recurring revenue. Empower your revenue team to deliver impact in every customer interaction.

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"What we found is people need in-real-time coaching, especially Customer Success people that need to sell. Aircover's innovative technology will be a valuable tool for GTM teams to deploy our unified CS-Operating Model across Sales and Customer Success."

Jacco van der Kooij
Co-Founder, Winning by Design

Integrate the CS-OM into every customer meeting

ACE your opening

Start every sales call on the right foot. Have the ACE card appear first during call introductions.

Discovery Q-Cards & Pocket Stories

Effective discovery calls focus on customer impact. Surface the right questions and customer stories at the right time to help generate consistent results across your GTM team.

WbD Blueprints in-real-time

Access Winning by Design Blueprints to help provide real-time guidance to CS.

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