Accelerate adoption & engagement of MEDDPICC

Deploy the MEDDPICC sales qualification methodology into every customer meeting. Say hello to more reliable pipeline and help your reps focus on the right actions to win.

Integrate MEDDPICC into every customer meeting

Continuous reinforcement of your sales qualification methodology

Aircover equips reps with the latest MEDDPICC questions they should be asking. Enforce best practices of your qualification framework across your sales organization

MEDDPICC is a lifestyle, not a diet

Don't train your team once or twice on MEDDPICC and hope it sticks. Using real-time sales coaching software, configure MEDDPICC once and Aircover reinforces it in every customer meeting.

Sales qualification like you've never seen before

Aircover improves forecast accuracy by reinforcing the MEDDPICC sales qualification methodology during every customer meeting. Get your opportunities qualified and through the funnel at a much faster rate.

"One of the goals of launching the Zoom SDK was to provide developers with the tools they need to create valuable and engaging experiences for our mutual customers and integrations ecosystem. Aircover’s focus on building sales intelligence directly into the meeting, to guide customer-facing teams through the entire sales cycle, is the type of innovation we had envisioned when we set out to create a broader platform."

Brendan Ittelson
Chief Technology Officer