Aircover for Sales Development Leaders

Build and scale a world-class sales development team

Turn live call execution into your competitive advantage. Bring an AI sales assistant into every conversation, and equip your reps with the support they need to convert more leads to qualified buyers.

Accelerate the efficiency of your reps

Aircover reduces ramp time by equipping your sales development reps with the latest content, tools, and workflows they need, when they need it most: live on the customer meeting.

Bring an AI assistant onto every first call to help your team overcome objections and turn leads into qualified opportunities
Give your team a heads-up display with live contextual content, all within their virtual meeting
Build confidence on day 1 with supercharged in-meeting tools

Build a repeatable handoff process

Aircover helps your sales development reps qualify and track important moments in a call to ensure a clean handoff process to sales, every time.

Automated in-meeting tools to track key moments from the qualification and discovery call
Digitize your sales playbook by integrating your qualification framework directly into the meeting
Turn all of your reps into subject matter experts with real-time insights during their customer calls

Aircover is your central command center

Dive into your team's meetings with actionable insights to help you coach your sales development team

View the number of times an important topic is mentioned, such as competitors and objections
Identify which topics mentioned on a call leads to a qualified sales opportunity vs. an unqualified opportunity
Identify trends in the data from your top reps that can be repeated across your broader team
Use meeting data such as discovery questions, competitor mentions, and objection handling to fuel your sales trainings
"Aircover helped us achieve a 3.5X increase in revenue for a new product that was strategic to our business. We successfully revamped our POC process based on insights provided by Aircover."

Tracye Shaw
Head of Mid-Market Commercial Sales