Aircover AI Notes

Meeting Notes

Never miss a sales update again. Aircover elevates your sales game with instant call summaries, customer insights, detailed notes, actionable next steps, and auto draft email follow-up.

Drive Sales Efficiency with
AI-Generated Meeting Notes

Equip your deal team with immediate visibility into crucial discussions and deal risks through Aircover's AI-generated meeting notes. Streamline the sales process and focus on what truly matters.
Unveil Actionable Insights
with AI

Using the latest advancements in LLMs and NLP, Aircover produces highly accurate call notes with the most actionable data for your team.

More time selling,
less time updating

Tired of the back-and-forth with deal updates? With Aircover, the opportunity team is seamlessly informed after every customer call. Less time, more sales.

Pristine data
for your CRM

Elevate CRM accuracy effortlessly. Aircover's AI notes seamlessly integrate deal insights, ensuring your CRM is up-to-date, freeing your team to focus on growth.

Accelerate Sales with Immediate Visibility into Every Call

Call Summary & Detailed Notes

Instant Call Insights,
Never Relisten to a Sales Call Again

Move beyond meeting transcripts to get immediate visibility into the outcome of every sales call. Not everyone on the deal team could attend? No problem. Aircover ensures the entire deal team stays informed effortlessly.

Voice of the Customer

AI Notes From the Customer's Perspective

Decode what matters most in your deals. Voice of the Customer insights deliver instant understanding of customer priorities, accelerating follow-up and driving shorter deal cycles. Beyond sales, these insights resonate across your company, fueling informed marketing and strategic product decisions.

Recommended Next Steps

Streamline Rep Productivity with AI Action Items

Let AI lead the way. Our automated action items extract crucial next steps from conversations, providing reliable follow-up guidance that accelerates deal cycles with precision.

AI Draft Email Follow-up

Auto create highly relevant emails based on your sales call

Transform conversations into impactful follow-ups. Our AI-powered draft email templates craft tailored emails that resonate with prospects after each sales call. Use them as they are or personalize them to your liking, saving time by effortlessly converting insights into meaningful follow-up that engages buyers.

All data is kept private, segmented by customer, and never shared outside your organization.

"I've enjoyed using Aircover! It helped me support my partner interactions by surfacing relevant partner offers based on the conversation. The ultimate goal was to reduce my follow-up, be a better partner, and drive more referrals to Zendesk."

Adam O'Donnell
Partnerships, Zendesk

Security & Compliance Built for the Enterprise

Aircover's AI platform is rooted in a security-first approach. Robust data protection, paired with a comprehensive compliance program, fosters trust in safeguarding our customer's data and processes.

Our technology does not require call recording, which has allowed us to be used in countries where call recording is restricted.


Aircover is SOC2 certified, which means we adhere to stringent security and data protection standards. It confirms we undergo rigorous audits, ensuring your data is stored within a secure environment that meets the highest industry benchmarks for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Your trust and data security are our priorities.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Aircover adheres to the strictest privacy regulations to meet the requirements of GDPR. We ensure your personal information is collected, processed, and stored with the utmost care and transparency.


We secure all data, authentication, and tokens through encryption.


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