Reinforcement Learning: A Machine Learning Paradigm for Revenue Teams

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Written by
Andrew Levy

“Reinforcement Learning” for your sales team!

A sales leader recently commented that Aircover is reinforcement learning for your revenue team. She was referencing the fact that we can reinforce, in-real-time live on a sales call, what reps have learned from past training sessions.

The analogy struck me on many levels since reinforcement learning is also a key machine learning paradigm, and an essential part of the recent explosion in large language models.

🤖 Reinforcement Learning is a machine learning approach where an agent (ie - computer program) is trained to make sequential decisions by interacting with an environment to maximize cumulative rewards. The agent learns a policy or strategy for selecting actions based on states (situations or conditions in the environment), aiming to achieve optimal long-term outcomes through a process of trial and error.

🧑 The best sales reps are constantly learning, iterating on both their selling craft and their knowledge of the market/product/etc. In a similar vein, an AI can’t be trained on a single pass. The question then becomes how do we iteratively train a sales team without bringing them out of the field? Real-time or just-in-time coaching & enablement acts as an extension of what they learned in the classroom by reinforcing key messaging, positioning, data, and processes. Over time the impact will become clear – high conversion rates and higher ACVs which reward the behaviors that sales leadership is reinforcing.

📟 The old model of only classroom style learning is ineffective in our age of remote digital sales teams. If you take your highly paid reps out of the field for weeks, you’ll lose that investment without continuously reinforcing the content. Reps will come together, break from the huddle, and go off and do their own thing.

🎓 tldr; Keep in mind the importance of iterative, reinforcement learning for revenue teams. Consumption patterns have changed, ditch those 30 page PDFs and focus on microlearning to reinforce the skills and strategies that sales reps need to internalize over time. Aircover’s real-time sales AI joins every customer meeting to reinforce best practices and assist your team when they need it most.

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