Aircover for Marketing

Deliver Content That is Used in Every Sales Meeting

Create a new form of content that sellers adopt on day 1. Deliver messaging and positioning in real-time during a customer meeting.

Update your revenue team, in real-time

Wondering if your offline content is being adopted by sales? When you input content into Aircover, it will appear in every customer facing meeting.

Equip your customer facing team in real-time with the latest messaging and positioning
Create assets that can be surfaced dynamically based on the customer conversation
Test out new messaging and get almost immediate feedback on the content you produce

Deliver existing content in an easy format

Create a new form of content that aligns with how your seller wants to consume information:Ā in bite-sized pieces.

Drive more engagement to your offline learning and enablement content stored in a CMS by linking out to it from the Aircover Card.
Complement your existing content by creating just-in-time information your sellers can use on a live meeting
Close the feedback loop between you and your sales team by getting immediate feedback on your messaging

Uncover better data for more effective marketing campaigns

Aircover uncovers important meeting information about who your sellers are talking to and what topics are being spoken about

Automatically capture data about your buyers that allow you run more effective marketing campaigns
Champion, Evaluator, Decision Maker? Track every stakeholder and their role in the deal