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Bring Sales Enablement on Every Meeting

Win more revenue with real-time in-meeting sales coaching. Integrate your sales playbook inside virtual meetings, and surface just-in-time content based on the conversation.
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Real-time AI for your customer conversations

Aircover integrates directly with your customer facing meetings and surfaces just-in-time content based on live conversation. Enablement AI is a heads-up display for your reps that has coaching and playbooks built into a single pane of glass.
Reduce ramp time
Shorten sales cycles
Increase win rates
"One of the goals of launching the Zoom SDK was to provide developers with the tools they need to create valuable and engaging experiences for our mutual customers and integrations ecosystem. Aircover’s focus on building sales intelligence directly into the meeting, to guide customer-facing teams through the entire sales cycle, is the type of innovation we had envisioned when we set out to create a broader platform."

Brendan Ittelson
Chief Technology Officer
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Live sales enablement in every meeting

Deliver the right information at the right time

Aircover reduces ramp time by equipping sales teams with the latest messaging and positioning. Enforce best practices of a sales process over the course of a meeting.

Get to ROI faster with shorter deal cycles

Aircover reduces the amount of follow-up meetings required per prospect by providing real-time answers to the reps. Reduce action items and track the remaining ones with integrated in-meeting tools. Get your opportunities qualified and through the funnel at a much faster rate.

Build better relationships with your customers

Build better relationships with your buyers with Aircover's people insights. Store your own relationship notes, and keep track of their role in the deal. Reps will often bring on subject matter experts, executives, or other customer-facing individuals that can now be equipped in the meeting with deal context to help your team win.

How does it work?

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