Deploy the Winning by Design CS Operating Model into Every Customer Meeting

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Written by
David Levy

If you are in a b2b recurring revenue business, you’ve likely heard of Winning by Design, have been a part of one of their training sessions, or have seen their engaging founder Jacco van der Kooij turn a lesson on GTM strategies into must see TV.

Winning by Design is a leading b2b revenue consulting company with interactive and simple, yet highly powerful frameworks that give you the blueprints you need to drive impact with your customer and market.

At Aircover, we strongly believe that revenue enablement playbooks produced by companies like Winning by Design should not end after an 8 hour class, but should be extended into the workflow of sales and customer success to help them in-real-time (IRT). 

The Winning by Design Customer Success Operating Model

While historically, most revenue frameworks (BANT, MEDDIC, SPIN, etc) focused on the sales team, in order to create recurring revenue, you need to deliver continuous value to your customer after the purchase.

As Winning by Design likes to say: recurring revenue = recurring impact

With some startups requiring up to 15-18 months to recoup customer acquisition costs (i.e. CAC payback period), delivering recurring value to drive expansion is critical.

Those frameworks mentioned above do not have an equivalent for Customer Success, leaving those teams less prepared than their sales counterparts to deliver customer impact.

This is the genesis of the Customer Success Operating Model.

By providing a unified framework for sales and customer success – SPICED and the associated WbD blueprints – revenue teams will offer a more consistent customer experience, ultimately leading to more impact and more value being driven with the customer.

Aircover & Winning by Design: Deploy the CS Operating Model into every customer meeting

As a Sales or Customer Success leader, significant time and resources are spent on the sales playbook, making rep and CS adoption top of mind.

To bridge the gap between classroom training and revenue execution, Aircover – which provides real-time, in-meeting sales coaching – has built an integrated solution of the Winning by Design CS Operating Model.

What does that mean for revenue teams?

Revenue leaders can scale their coaching and enablement efforts with guidance built directly into the meeting experience that is contextually aware of the conversation. Three quick examples:

  1. ACE introduction framework is queued up at the start of your meeting
  2. The Customer Success rep hears a pain point and a relevant Pocket Story (WbD nomenclature for customer story) is automatically pulled up
  3. Connect the Wagons appears as you wrap up the call to help close for next steps

Whether it's TALKER, Discovery, Discovery Process, or one of the many other valuable blueprints, we can deploy them into your customer facing meetings to provide in-real-time support to Customer Success.

By having access to the CS Operating Model in every customer meeting, adoption can be accelerated, leading to more impactful customer conversations.

We’re thrilled to be a launch partner of the Customer Success Operating Model and the value this joint effort can bring to our customers. 

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