Aircover and Highspot Partner to Surface Highspot Content into Live Customer Meetings

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Written by
Andrew Levy

What if you could deliver the right enablement content, to the right sales rep or customer success manager, at just the right time, in a live call, to help move a deal forward?

While also managing the content from your CMS?

That is what Aircover + Highspot gives you and some are calling it revenue enablement super powers.

Background on Aircover & Highspot

Companies like DocuSign, Dow Jones, Aetna, and Verizon use Highspot to be the single source of truth for sales content. 

Aircover provides real-time sales coaching. During a customer call, Aircover will surface relevant sales enablement content from your playbook to help support sales & CS to a successful outcome.

There's certain areas such as persona driven discovery, qualification (i.e. MEDDPICC rollout), competitive intel, and/or relevant customer story telling that companies want to get into Aircover initially to help drive the most impact with their Sales & CS teams. Others want to do things like unify their sales & CS playbooks across their revenue team.

We offer several automated options to get content into Aircover or you can design it within our platform. At our larger customers, we find many of them have a sales CMS that contain the desired content they want to proactively push to sales & CS during customer meetings.

Aircover & Highspot Integration

Together, with the Aircover and Highspot integration, you can do things like:

  • Pull Highspot content into live customer meetings
  • Automatically summarize your long-form content found in Highspot and auto-create in-meeting Aircover Cards
  • Manage content in one place

We’re thrilled to release this integration to our customers and to partner with Highspot more broadly.

Aircover at Highspot Spark 2022 Conference

We will be sponsoring Highspot's user conference, Highspot Spark, on November 2-3. Additionally, I will be speaking on Day 2 of the conference:

Do More With Less – Four Enablement Strategies to Maximize Productivity Across Your Sales And Customer Success Teams

If you're attending the conference, stop by booth #5, as we'd love to chat with you.

We look forward to getting this integration into the hands of more users. Never before have you had the power of a CMS with just-in-time enablement live on a customer call.