Win More Revenue

Aircover provides sales tools and intelligence in your Zoom meeting to help you maximize the buyer experience so you can build a champion that sells for you.
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Team selling made easy

On average, 6.8 customer stakeholders are involved in a solution sale. With People Insights and Relationship Notes, you can always be confident your sales manager, product team, and executives are briefed on who's who in the zoo.

Build better relationships with your buyers with People Insights
Share deal and persona information with your team in-meeting so they are always briefed on the buyer landscape
Automatically sync notes and deal roles with your CRM

Never miss an action item

Aircover automatically tracks in-meeting action items so you can focus on the conversation. Assign them out to your teammates and drive a compelling event with due dates to ensure everyone is working in lockstep on the deal.

Automatically track action items across your deals
Assign action items to your teammates with due dates
Sync action items to your CRM
View open and closed action items in-meeting or in the Aircover web application

Aircover is your central command center

Take a consolidated view of your pipeline with actionable insights to help you advance your deals forward

Take a holistic view of your deals pulled from your CRM
View open and completed action items to help you plan your day/week
Bi-directional sync with your CRM to minimize manual data entry

Keep up deal momentum, schedule your next meeting

Ghosted after the call? Aircover provides an in-meeting scheduler to book your next meeting with the buyer.

In-meeting scheduler to book your next meeting live on the call
Personal scheduling link to avoid the back-and-forth emails
All of your Aircover scheduled meetings sync with your Calendar