Accelerate Your Sales Engine

Stay ahead of the game in a constantly changing market. Arm your sales team with the latest information on products, competitors, and messaging to cut through the noise and win more deals. Aircover assists your reps live, in-real-time, on sales calls.

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"What we found is people need in-real-time coaching, especially Customer Success people that need to sell. Aircover's innovative technology will be a valuable tool for GTM teams to deploy our unified CS-Operating Model across Sales and Customer Success."

Jacco van der Kooij
Co-Founder, Winning by Design

Live sales enablement in every meeting

Deliver the right information at the right time

Aircover reduces ramp time by equipping sales teams with the latest messaging and positioning. Enforce best practices of a sales process over the course of a meeting.

Scalable enablement that delivers results

Don't let three days go by before you coach your team on what they could have done differently on a call. Using just-in-time enablement, Aircover helps your reps make in-game adjustments that can change the outcome of the meeting.

Sales productivity like you've never seen before

Aircover reduces the amount of follow-up meetings required per prospect by providing real-time assistance to the reps. Reduce action items and track the remaining ones with integrated in-meeting tools. Get your opportunities qualified and through the funnel at a much faster rate.

How Aircover Works

Step 1

Download the Aircover App

Join your Zoom meetings with the Aircover app, and your customers can continue to use the normal Zoom app. No need for your prospects to download anything.

Step 2

Schedule a Zoom meeting

No need to change your workflow, Aircover can plug into your existing calendar system.

Step 3

Get real-time sales coaching and enablement

Boost your sales team's success with Aircover. Uncover new opportunities, overcome objections, and identify decision makers on your sales calls. Accelerate onboarding for new reps and keep existing reps up-to-date with real-time coaching and enablement.

All data is kept private, segmented by customer, and never shared outside your organization.

"Aircover’s focus on building sales intelligence directly into the meeting, to guide customer-facing teams through the entire sales cycle, is the type of innovation we had envisioned when we set out to create a broader platform."

Brendan Ittelson