Aircover provides real-time sales coaching and is the only native Zoom integration to support reps in-the-moment to help GTM teams win more deals. Aircover's AI sales co-pilot identifies important moments during the call, serving up parts of your sales playbook to help with ramp and consistency in communication, all while the deal is still on the line vs. 5 days later in a coaching session after the opportunity has passed.

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Native Zoom Integration
Join Zoom with your usual workflow and it just works. Aircover is the only integration that is natively built on top of Zoom so your GTM team has access to AI powered tools during every call.
Virtualize your sales playbook inside of your Zoom meeting
A competitor comes up? We'll surface the appropriate battlecard. A pain point? We'll show the right discovery and relevant customer wins given the situation. All based on the conversation as it's happening. That is the power of Aircover's AI sales co-pilot.
Build better relationships with your buyers
See a complete profile of who you are speaking with and relationship notes that persist across meetings – all without leaving your Zoom meeting.
AI generated notes
Having hundreds of web conference meetings makes it difficult to re-listen to all of your calls. Aircover uses AI to take notes that are summarized in our portal and can be sent to your CRM.