Install our one-click Salesforce managed package. Salesforce is the most popular source of truth for your customer information. Automatically send and associate Aircover Meeting data to accounts, contacts, and opportunities in Salesforce. Our bi-directional sync brings Salesforce data into Aircover. Bring new signals to your deal review for a more accurate and predictable forecast.

World class partners & seamless integrations

Spend less time updating your CRM and more time winning deals
Aircover automatically sends important meeting information to the associated objects and fields in your Salesforce CRM.
Win deals this quarter. Reduce opportunities slipping with our tools and workflows to accelerate your deal cycle
With Salesforce for Aircover, you can sync all of your action items to Salesforce. Aircover is the only solution that allows the rep to one-click bookmark action items live in a meeting and assign them out. Hold your deal team accountable by assigning due dates. Set up pre-call prep and post-meeting summary workflows to help you drive deal velocity.
Unparalleled Reporting
Create Aircover reports in Salesforce to get a deeper look into what is working at each opportunity stage