Import content from Highspot directly into your customer meetings. Aircover’s AI can automatically summarize your long for content in Highspot and automatically create in-meeting cards. The AI can also recommend verbal keywords, and link to long form documents.

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Pull Highspot Content into Customer Meetings
Based on the conversation, surface your content in Highspot directly inside your customer meetings. Update your entire field in real-time with the latest messaging, customer stories, and battlecards.
Automatically Summarize Content
You may have a lot of long-form content meant for offline training. Aircover's AI can automatically summarize that content into cards so reps can quickly consume the main talking points during a conversation.
Manage content in one place
You can create content in Highspot and pull it into Aircover. This way your team can manage all of your content out of your CMS, and rely on Aircover to intelligently present the content during meetings.