Google Meet

Move deals forward with real-time discovery, battlecards, customer wins, and more all based on the conversation as it's happening. Aircover's AI sales co-pilot integrates with major web conferencing providers like Google Meet to surface your sales playbook in-the-moment to help ramp new reps and new products, improve sales effectiveness, and proactively coach reps vs. 5 days later based on hours of re-listening to calls after the deal has already been won or lost.

World class partners & seamless integrations

Automatically join Google Meet meetings with your AI sales co-pilot
Join Google Meet meetings as you normally would and Aircover will provide your GTM team with access to built-in supercharged meeting tools powered by AI.
Virtualize your sales playbook inside of your Google Meet meeting
A competitor comes up? We'll surface the appropriate battlecard. A pain point? We'll show the right discovery and relevant customer wins given the situation. All based on the conversation as it's happening. That is the power of Aircover's AI sales co-pilot.
Build better relationships with your buyers
See a complete profile of who you are speaking with and relationship notes that persist across meetings – all without leaving your Google Meet meeting.
AI generated notes
Having hundreds of web conference meetings makes it difficult to re-listen to all of your calls. Aircover uses AI to take notes that are summarized in our portal and can be sent to your CRM.