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Written by
David Levy

United Sales Resources (USR) is a team of sales leadership coaches and advisors that specialize in developing world-class sales leaders for some of the most successful organizations around the globe. 

The company was founded by Matt McDarby, who previously was the VP of Enterprise sales at the well known sales training firm, Huthwaite, founded by noted behavioral researcher and best-selling author, Neil Rackham, the creator of SPIN Selling.

During his time in that role, McDarby observed that the training programs, which were based on behavioral analysis and delivered by top industry trainers, yielded different results from one sales organization to the next. 

He noticed that the sales organizations that had the most success had sales managers who were more committed to continuously enabling their team.

This realization led McDarby to leave the traditional sales training business and work with sales leaders who are committed to coaching and increasing the effectiveness of their teams.

Sales Leaders are Struggling

Sales leaders are facing a significant challenge in finding the time to continuously coach their teams. The ideal ratio of reps to managers is 7:1, but many sales leaders are managing teams with 9 or even 10 or more reps. This makes it difficult to provide the necessary coaching and development to ensure the team's success.

Even with the best sales training, if it's not adopted and put into practice, the team will struggle to improve and may continue to rely on their old habits. To address this challenge, United Sales Resources (USR) has partnered with Aircover to reinforce sales coaching through software that supports reps in-the-moment during sales calls.

Reinforce Sales Coaching through AI

By taking the behavioral analysis and top industry training from USR and building it into Aircover, GTM leaders have access to out-of-the-box playbook content for their sales team that can be reinforced in every customer meeting with enablement AI.

We’re excited to partner with Matt and the USR team and virtualize their time tested approach to sales.