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The Aircover Team

We recently sponsored our first sales conference (remember those?). Thank you to AA-ISP for hosting a great leadership summit in Chicago!

It was great to get out and speak with sales, SDR, and enablement leaders. To hear their challenges, share ideas, and support one another through our own experiences.

Inaugural Aircover booth with live demo

Despite representation from a variety of verticals – software, finserv, manufacturing, industrial goods etc – we heard much of the same challenges from sales leaders:

(1) Ramp time: I’m growing my team by X% and our ramp time to get reps fully productive is Y. Our ramp time is good, but there is room for improvement, especially as we look at our 2022 revenue goals

(2) Conversion: funnel progression and conversion is a challenge. e.g., converting leads to sales qualified opportunities (SQO) or converting discovery calls to demos, etc.

(3) Content: We enable our team with training and content, but the feedback loop on how the content is performing is too long. Reps can never find the content they need, when they need it most

(4) Enablement & Coaching: We have tools to record calls and host weekly enablement. The sales manager still feels necessary to join many of his or her team’s calls to help move deals forward

(5) Competition: there are legacy competitors and new ones surfacing all of the time. It’s hard for reps to get a handle on how to best compete against them

(6) Sales Blocking & Tackling: we need to get better at asking the right questions and closing for next steps

We saw a lot of familiar sales tech at the conference, including Outreach and ConnectAndSell, as well as newer startups such as GetAccept, QuotaPath, Spiff, Chili Piper, and TitanHouse

Most of the tools we saw address many of the challenges for revenue teams listed above, both as they get a lead into the funnel and then post-meeting when the call is over.

That still leaves a gap at arguably the most critical point – when the seller is live on a call with the prospect. That would be like a professional sports team preparing for a game, watching the tape after the game, but heading onto the field without an offensive coordinator. It wouldn’t happen.

The technology now exists to bring that on-field resource to your sellers when they are live on a call. 

It was clear after leaving the conference that we are building something truly unique for revenue teams. We have addressed the current gap of live in-the-moment assistance with the world’s first real-time, in-meeting sales platform built for the modern seller.

By giving reps the right tools, content, and workflows while they are live on the call, we have seen we can get the closest to influencing the critical gaps highlighted above.

If you lead your revenue team, or are a part of it, we’re expanding our beta and we would love to hear from you.

Learn more at and sign-up for our beta

Aircover night 1: sales leader event hosted at TopGolf