Enablement AI: Conversation intelligence built for the modern rep

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Written by
David Levy

Conversation intelligence (CI) can help any sales organization achieve better results. With the right intelligence platform, you can carefully analyze conversations to understand the customer experience. 

For example, it’s a great way for new reps that are ramping to learn the flow of a sales call at your company. Sellers can also use it to evaluate their performance and see if they perhaps need to talk less in their calls or ask more questions. 

However, conversation intelligence does have its limitations and is no longer enough on its own. While it helps you gain insights after the call ends, it does nothing to help influence the outcome of that meeting. 

This is where Enablement AI can come into play and takes your team’s sales calls to the next level. 

Using Enablement AI with CI can help your entire team develop winning behaviors and sales best practices more easily. It enables you to virtualize your sales playbook and integrate content and coaching into your live customer meetings.

Table of contents:

1. What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence software uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to record and analyze sales calls and customer interactions. This is done to gain data-driven insights. 

The Vision of Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversation intelligence platforms provide metrics about how sales conversations went with a prospect. Sales teams can then use this data to improve their skills. They can analyze things like talk time, talk ratio, patience, and so on. 

In addition, sales managers can use the software to coach teams on what they did right or wrong in the call. It can also help sales leaders derive more meaningful insights from sales phone calls. They can then use these insights to improve their strategies. 

The Reality of Conversation Intelligence Platforms

In reality, most reps simply use CI to relisten to parts of customer conversations that they missed, and less to adjust how they conduct their sales calls.

Conversation Intelligence is used most heavily during onboarding so that new reps can listen in and learn from real sales meetings. However, once the new rep gains some experience, usage of CI software tends to drop off. 

The other reality is managers do not have time to relisten to all of their reps' calls, which would be required to have a valuable coaching session. Many times, the manager is on the call already with their rep, and so the thought of relistening to it for a coaching session seems duplicative.

2. The Irony of Traditional Conversation Intelligence

The reality with a standalone conversation intelligence solution is not always as powerful as every sales manager might think. CI is built for sellers, whose time is so precious that they are trained to simply disqualify out vs. qualify in.

Because you get the recording after a meeting takes place, CI vendors advocate that sellers no longer need to take notes during their calls. However, if sellers don’t take any notes during a meeting, they end up needing to relisten to every sales conversation they have! Thus, it takes twice as long to get the information they need, resulting in less time for selling.

Yes, you can gain valuable insights from these conversations. But, if the technology isn’t applied properly, your team can end up wasting valuable time and not learning anything from it. That’s why using Enablement AI to complement your CI solution is a must.  

3. What is Enablement AI?

As mentioned, in today’s fast-paced sales environment, conversation intelligence is no longer enough on its own. Traditional CI offers a replay, but no matter how many times you review your calls, it still won’t impact the outcome of your sales meeting or help you provide proactive sales coaching

What your team needs is an “on-field” sales coach that can help make adjustments during the sales meeting.

Surface Relevant Content During a Meeting

Enablement AI takes your sales playbook and maps relevant content to where the seller and buyer are in the customer journey. It does this all during a live meeting. 

Enablement AI understands what is being spoken about in the meeting. And because of this, it can provide fast, easy access to the right content and tools in real-time. This helps the rep drive the call towards a successful outcome. 

For example, if a prospect asks a question, the rep doesn’t need to Slack their team on the side or scour their CMS to find the right answer while trying to manage the conversation. Enablement AI will bring up the content and answers they need as they are being spoken about. It acts as the rep’s sales assistant that is already ready with the content and tools they need during a call. 

Scale Your Sales Enablement

Enablement AI allows you to scale your sales enablement efforts by providing proactive call coaching and enablement during the meeting. Everything from setting the agenda, to objection handling, to value selling through customer stories, can be handled by the app vs. a coaching session 5 days later. It provides automated tools for reps to use during meetings so that every meeting is a successful one.

Get Reps up to Speed Instantly

In the past, it could take weeks or months to get your sales and customer success teams trained on a new competitor, offering, or customer. 

With Enablement AI, your reps get access to the latest information and positioning immediately. It all gets integrated right into their next meeting.


Don’t wait until the call is over to see why you won or lost. Be proactive and leverage just-in-time enablement in your meetings to boost your success. Enablement AI can help any sales team gain more insights from their call data, course-correct during a meeting, and ultimately win more deals. 

To boost your team’s performance and give them the tools they need to win a sale, check out Aircover today.