AI-Generated Voice of the Customer, Meeting Notes and Action Items Now Available For All

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Written by
David Levy

We’re thrilled to announce our AI-generated meeting notes, action items, and email follow-up are available to all customers of Aircover’s in-meeting AI sales copilot. The software analyzes conversations in real-time, providing live enablement during calls, and now it can automatically summarize meeting notes and action items after the call ends. In addition, sellers have access to an AI generated “voice of the customer” that summarizes customer pain, questions, and objections.

Aircover's in-meeting AI assistant supports sellers during the call, giving them the tools they need in-the-moment to win deals, instead of waiting for feedback on what went wrong in a coaching session days later. And now, with the new AI-generated meeting notes and follow-up, sales teams can increase productivity, improve collaboration, and have access to more complete deal notes in their CRM.

In today's sales environment, efficiency and acceleration are crucial. That's why we've combined our in-meeting AI assistance with post-meeting notes and action items to provide an end-to-end solution that supports sellers in every step of their deal. With the new AI-generated meeting notes, sellers can easily view summarized key points of their conversations and next steps, improving productivity and keeping the entire selling team aligned on where things stand in the deal.

Aircover CEO and co-founder Andrew Levy explains, "Aircover's mission has always been to help revenue teams be successful in every customer interaction. Our new AI-generated meeting summaries take this to the next level. By providing detailed notes and action items of a sales call, revenue teams can focus on the customer and always have the answer to what they should work on next to move the deal forward."

The AI-generated meeting notes, action items, and email follow-up are now available to all Aircover users. Don't wait to learn a lesson days later in a coaching session after a sales call goes wrong. With Aircover, sales leaders can equip their reps with real-time assistance to get it right, today.

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